From quality to innovation

Entremont’s presence at every stage of the process, from milk collection to the delivery of the cheese products to the food industry, is the key element in our quality approach. The expectation and the recognition for our difference have a name: «Made in Entremont».

Nutritional challenges, safety objectives

The commitment of Sodiaal’s producers guarantees the origins of the milk and its traceability. Our standardised quality and food safety system is based on HACCP research and is used in all our sites and all the process/product systems. All our factories are IFS certifi ed.

Inventing, adapting, seducing

Whatever your company can imagine, our passion for innovation can understand it and make it real. Our dedicated B to B research team contributes to the progress and development of your products.

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Your needs, our solutions :

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Our taste for surprise, your appetite for success

With Entremont, customer relationship takes on its true meaning: customer care and customised solutions, a natural proximity of our sales and technical teams… Availability and flexibility are ever present.

Flavours and trends

Constantly focused on the organoleptic quality of our cheese, we combine our expertise of the French gastronomie and the anticipation of nutritional trends. We provide added value to your recipes, to your products and to your business.

From “tailor made” to “ready made”

Open to your requests, we can either propose an original and specific solution or provide you with an available solution – a key element is to always get the right delivery volumes for you. The best performances in taste and cost wise to satisfy your appetite for success!